DeMar uses multiple carriers for the various products we sell. Using multiple carriers allows us to save you money by selecting the carrier best suited to your requirements. Our shipping partners include:

We will drop-ship product to any location via semi-tractor trailer. Our carriers can only deliver to locations open to receive commercial deliveries during normal business hours. Please note that we do not mark up shipping costs, we charge the shipping at our cost. A shipping estimate will be provided to you when you receive the quote for your purchase from a DeMar representative.

We make every effort to ship all products on the next business day. Items are shipped by freight carriers with trucks scheduled daily; however, at times there can be delays in shipping and/or receiving due to weather conditions or other factors outside of our control. Items are typically delivered within one week of placing the order. Upon receipt of your order we can give you an approximate date of delivery.


In the unfortunate event that you need to return a product, you may return unopened materials for any reason within ten days. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges as well as the cost incurred by DeMar to ship the order to you. If you do return an item you must have a return authorization number; all returns without an authorization will be refused.

*Note: Some return items subject up to 30% restocking charge and some special order items not returnable. Minimum of 4 cartons on hard surface items. Speak to a salesperson to answer any questions.


If you need to cancel a current order with DeMar you need to contact us as soon as possible. In the event products have already shipped, you will need to arrange for a return. If the product has not shipped you may cancel at no charge.

Replacements & Damages

DeMar and our chosen shipping partners make every attempt to efficiently process and ship your ordered materials; however, as rare as it may be, items do occasionally arrive in less than perfect condition or an item may have been inadvertently left off the truck. Therefore, it is very important when you are receiving materials that you check for damaged and/or missing items prior to signing the bill of lading. If no damages or missing items are noted on the bill of lading, then DeMar and its contractors cannot be held responsible. Be sure and check for any items that have dents, scrapes, tears in the packaging or the product itself or broken cartons.

When receiving carpeting, it’s good idea to shine a flashlight down through the cardboard tube in the center of the carpet. If you can’t see from one end to the other, there is a good chance you could experience what is known as pole damage to the interior of the carpet. On the bill of lading, please note the items refused and the reason for refusing the items. If you do decide to accept an item that has damage please note this on the bill of lading. Please contact DeMar as soon as possible to let us know of the damages. If you do accept a shipment and later find that there are damages to the item, you must contact the freight company within 48 hours of delivery to report the damaged items. As long as any damages were noted properly on the bill of lading, there will not be any difficulties replacing damaged or missing items.