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How to find the perfect flooring for your home

If you are considering installing new flooring in your home, you likely have many ideas, but you probably have just as many questions. At DeMar, our experts are eager to answer all of your flooring questions to help you find the best solution that meets your needs. Before you visit our showroom, here are some things to think about when choosing the flooring that is right for your home.

Consider the areas where you’re installing new flooring

Different flooring materials are ideal for certain applications. For example, a moisture-resistant material, such as ceramic tile, is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, basements, foyers and other areas that may be exposed to higher levels of moisture. Carpet may be a better choice for playrooms and dens because the material is soft and will absorb noise better than other materials. For more information about the qualities of each flooring material, speak with one of our knowledgeable associates or stop in to browse our showroom today.

Take into account how durable your flooring needs to be

Pets, children, and heavy foot traffic can take a toll on your floors. If such factors are present in your home, you’ll need a flooring material that’s up for the challenge. Hardwoods are a common choice for high traffic areas, but some can be susceptible to scratches from your pets’ nails. Tile flooring is very durable and will withstand heavy foot traffic. Carpet will absorb strikes that would damage other flooring materials, but low-density carpets may wear in high-traffic areas.

Develop a budget for your flooring

The wholesale flooring at DeMar is offered at unbeatable prices, but you’ll still want to consider your budget when shopping your options. If you like the look of hardwoods but want a cheaper alternative, consider laminates. You’ll get the same great look of hardwoods for less money. Similarly, if you like the qualities of ceramic tile but are interested in a value-priced material, vinyl flooring may be the solution.

These are some considerations to get you started with selecting the right flooring for your home. For more information about the options that are best for you and your home, speak with one of our flooring experts. We can also refer you to trusted local contractors for installation.