Is sheet vinyl flooring scratch-resistant?

Is sheet vinyl flooring scratch-resistant?

Is sheet vinyl flooring scratch-resistant?

If you're looking for scratch resistance, sheet vinyl flooring is an excellent choice for your household. You'll get to pick characteristics that can create the results you want and need.

The more you know about these floors and what they can do, the easier it is to pick one that fits your needs. Here’s what you need to know to make an educated decision.

Complete waterproof protection

One of the best things about sheet vinyl flooring is that it's completely waterproof, even in flood conditions. So, you can confidently install these floors in damp, humid spaces or anywhere where spills are expected without worrying about vinyl sheet water damage.

You’ll also enjoy the fact that these floors have no seams in an average-sized room. That means spills can’t seep beneath the surface, where they could create odors due to bacteria, mold, or mildew.

Stunning beauty

Sheet vinyl flooring offers stunning realistic visuals that mimic wood and stone flooring products thanks to modern technology and laser printing technology. In addition, you'll appreciate the color, texture, and design available from this flooring line.

The products also offer more artistic options like geometric patterns, bold designs, and tile looks that add great interest. So, if you're looking for vinyl flooring that’s authentic and original, this is a great product line to choose from for every room in your home.

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