Custom area rugs


Here’s what you should know about custom area rugs

If you’ve never experienced custom area rugs, you may find them incredibly beneficial as you start your remodel. In certain rooms, they provide that "extra something" you want or need for outstanding results. The more you know about the characteristics of these pieces, the better decisions you can make as you shop. Area rugs can provide beauty, protection, and interest, no matter where they’re placed. We’ll help you find features that cater to your specific needs. Here are some facts to make the task easier.

Custom rugs beautify your space

Custom rugs with the right colors and textures can bring a beautiful décor element to any room for a perfect décor match. You'll also find that textures, shapes, sizes, and bindings can also affect the visual, adding layers of beauty. The result is a blended appearance option or focal point that caters to the room. If you have a specific style or scheme, we can help you match it. Share your desired results, and we'll work to help you create the piece that fits it in every way. For example, we can start with a carpet for a custom-size rug that brings an unrivaled ambiance.



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Custom area rugs add durability and protection

Do you have a busy home with pets, children, or lots of heavy foot traffic? If so, a few well-placed area rugs could help prevent daily wear, especially in your busiest areas. Add them to spaces where traffic comes in and out of the home, children's rooms, or hallways. Choosing rugs with built-in stain protection can make cleaning them even easier when the time comes. This protection guards against permanent stains and makes the piece easier to clean, but it also prevents liquids from soaking into the custom rugs, where they can cause foul odors. It is a great option to ensure your protective rugs are protected themselves against harsh conditions.

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